If you have a toddler who needs to go in for a dental checkup, then you want to prepare the both of you for the occasion. Toddlers tend to have a hard time with certain things and many of these things are going to be at the dental office. For example, toddlers have a hard time sitting for long periods, keeping their hands off shiny objects and with following directions. All of these are going to be required of them when you take them in for a dental exam. This article will offer you advice on ways you can tame down your little one for their visit to the dentist.

Pick your appointment time carefully

When it comes to setting their appointment, you want to choose the time wisely. The dentist office will be able to get them in quicker first thing in the morning and right after lunch. However, you need to think about your child's schedule also. If they are more wound up in the morning, then the after-lunch appointment would be best. However, if they take a nap after lunch, then they may be fussy at the dentists if they are missing naptime.

Bring a portable DVD player

A great way to keep your child entertained in the waiting room is to bring a portable DVD player with you. Instead of bringing a DVD they have seen many times before, go out and buy a new one of their favorite cartoon and don't let them watch it until you are in the dentist's office. This will help to keep them entertained while you wait for them to be called back to the room.

Show them dental tools ahead of time

Before your child's appointment, go online and find pictures of some of the tools they will see at the dentist's. This way, when they are in the chair you can go over some of the tools with them. This will keep them calm and focused on the tools. They will also feel more comfortable since they will feel as if they are familiar with the tools the dentist may be using on them.

By following the advice detailed above, you should have a much easier time with your little one at the dentist. Not only will you not have to chase them around, but they will be in a more inviting mood with regards to dealing with the dentist.

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