Although it is not something that people discuss very often, the truth of the matter is that the condition of your smile is often a great indicator of your life and even your financial situation. Virtually everyone wants the healthiest, whitest smile they they could get, so if you do not have one, there is likely to be a good reason for it. In many instances, that reason will be that you cannot afford to spend huge sums of money on your teeth. Fortunately, you may be surprised to learn that there are several examples of cosmetic dentistry that can improve your smile without an enormous expense.

#1-Bonding To Cover Minor Damage

It is easy to assume that if your teeth are damaged or chipped that veneers are the only choice. Given that veneers often take multiple visits and can also get expensive, it will be helpful to remember that bonding is a viable option, as long as the damage to your teeth is still minor. Tiny cracks from eating a hard food or a chipped tooth from a little accident are often repaired in one visit with dental bonding.

Dental bonding occurs when your dentist applies materials that closely resemble the existing color of your teeth to the damaged portion. In addition to fixing chips, cracks and similar imperfections, it can also be used to cover tiny gaps between your teeth. Although it does not last as long as veneers, it is much more affordable and patients have been known to have the bonding repeated as results diminish over the years.

#2-Bleach Little Stains Away

Although tetracycline has been a useful and popular antibiotic for many years, it also was known to leave its calling card. Specifically, many people who used it, especially if they used it on multiple occasions, acquired the stained teeth it is so well known for.  Although some people only had a few spots, others had yellow or brown teeth after completing their course of antibiotics. Of course, if you have ever smoked, yellow teeth are a common problem.

Fortunately, there are several bleaching techniques that you can access in one visit for a reasonable fee from your dentist. Since there are options that include bleach trays that you take home to use and bleaching that is amplified by oxygen or light, modern bleaching techniques are an inexpensive way to remove your dental stains that tell an ugly story.

#3-Shape Your Enamel For A Better Smile

Another common complaint is the look of an uneven smile due to differently sized teeth or teeth that seem a bit too close together. It is not unusual to assume that braces are the only cure for crowded teeth, even for minor cases. Fortunately, that is just not true for cases that do not impact your overall oral health.

Re-shaping the enamel of your teeth is a great choice for healthy teeth and immediately corrects the issue. It provides a little extra space, which minimizes the spacing concern and makes your teeth more closely resemble one another.

In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry is an ideal choice for teeth that need to be repaired and can be accessed for a reasonable cost. Since the above types of cosmetic dentistry are affordable and quickly accessed, there is no reason to let your teeth tell the world that you used to smoke or chipped a tooth in a childhood accident.