Bottled water has become a major part of many people's lives. If you love drinking bottled or even boxed water, you may be doing a grave disservice to your oral health. Understanding this situation can ensure you make the right dental health choices in the future.

Bottled Water May Contribute To Dental Problems

Recently, dentists have noticed an increase in cavities and overall dental decay that reversed decades-long trends of reduced decay. They investigated this problem and came to the conclusion that the popularization of bottled water may be leading to this problem.

That's because bottled water does not contain fluoride. While most manufacturers of bottled water probably use this fact as a positive, it may be why you are suffering from cavities. That's because fluoride helps protect your teeth against serious decay.

Why Fluoride Is So Important For Dental Health

In spite of some controversy surrounding its use, various studies have shown that fluoride helps protect your oral health. For example, the use of fluoridated water has been shown to decrease tooth decay by as much as 30 percent in young children. It can also help reduce serious dental issues by up to 27 percent in adults.

As a result, drinking all of that bottle water is only harming your teeth and may be causing serious dental decay. Thankfully, you can address this situation and reverse it by taking a few proactive steps towards a stronger oral care routine.

Avoiding This Problem

If you believe that recent dental problems have been caused by using bottled water, there are a few steps you should take. First of all, stop drinking bottled water and drink only from the tap. If you like having a bottle of water with you when you go places, fill up old bottles with water from the tap. Make sure that you clean these bottles out with soap and hot water to avoid bacterial infections.

Then, go visit a dentist right away to get any problems addressed. These skilled professionals will take steps to inspect your teeth and see what dental problems may be lingering there, and  they will work hard to fix them. They can also provide you with emergency care if you find a part of your tooth has fallen off due to serious decay. Be sure to click here to continue reading more about how a dentist can help you.

Don't hesitate to make these important life changes today. You may just help improve your oral health and avoid serious health problems. Even better, you can help save the environment by cutting down on your plastic bottle use.