Many people brush their teeth, floss, and use mouthwash regularly, but may fail to practice another tactic that is essential to proper oral hygiene. Brushing your tongue might not seem as easy as brushing your teeth, and it may not feel as pleasant, either, especially if you have a strong gag reflex, but it's important to devote a few seconds each time you brush to brushing your tongue. You don't need to do so with a lot of pressure. Even a series of light strokes from the back of your tongue to the front can be critical for preventing bacteria growth and maintaining a cleaner mouth. Everyone should brush his or her tongue, but this is especially true if you find yourself in one of these scenarios.

You Consume A High-Sugar Diet

If you consume a diet that is high in sugar, proper preventative dental care is critical. The presence of sugar in your mouth can lead to cavities, as well as the growth of harmful bacteria that can increase your risk of gingivitis. Brushing your tongue is an important step for those who consume a lot of sugar. When your tongue is coated in sugary remnants, bacteria will proliferate more quickly, increasing your risk of the above dental problems. Remember that sugar consumption isn't just about what you eat. If you frequently drink soda and other sugary beverages, tongue brushing is important.

You Have A Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings aren't ideal for your overall dental health, given the risk that they possess of cracking or chipping one of your teeth. Additionally, a tongue piercing can collect food remnants that encourage the growth of bacteria. For example, if you've been seating something sugary and chewy, such as candy, it's common to have particles of the food stuck around your tongue piercing. Lightly brushing your tongue can remove these particles to reduce the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth.

You Use A Tobacco Product

Using cigarettes or smokeless tobacco are bad for your health in a number of ways. While most people think about these products staining your teeth and encouraging gum recession, what you might not know is that using tobacco can promote the growth of bacteria inside your mouth. Quitting smoking is your best option when it comes to your oral health, but if you continue to use tobacco products, making a point of carefully brushing your tongue on a regular basis is a good idea.