There are many advantages to getting braces, and most orthodontic patients will go through the process of having braces without many complications. For some people, however, there can be a series of issues that can range from being a minor hassle to downright painful. If you're looking for a straighter smile but you have some reservations about braces, Invisalign may be the right choice for you. In addition to being far less visually evident, Invisalign trays are unlikely to lead to emergency situations for your mouth. Here are three orthodontic emergencies that you won't face with Invisalign.

Broken Wires

When you wear traditional braces, one of the issues that you can occasionally face is a broken wire. While there are a few things that can cause these wires to break, eating the wrong food is generally the culprit. For example, if you bite into something that is hard and it exerts pressure against the wire in a certain way, it has the potential to snap the wire. This is an emergency because without the wire, your teeth may slowly start to shift in an unintended position. Additionally, the end of the exposed wire is sharp and could irritate your mouth. Because Invisalign uses trays, not wires, this type of emergency will not happen.

Gum Injuries

Invisalign is gentle on your mouth, but you can't necessarily say the same thing for traditional braces. People who wear braces will sometimes experience gum injuries as a result of their gums getting pushed into the brackets of their braces. For example, if you have braces and are hit in the mouth with a ball while you're playing a sport, the impact could drive the bracket into your gum. This presents a dental emergency because the gum may swell around the bracket, preventing you from prying it loose.

Frequent Irritation

Depending on the particular shape and size of your mouth, you could find that braces cause frequent irritation. For example, some patients experience pain from their gums ribbing against the bands that go around their molars. Although your skin will often get used to this feeling, this won't always be the case — and you may frequently feel uncomfortable in these areas of your mouth. The soft outer part of your Invisalign trays is gentle against your gums and won't cause irritation. Speak to a dentist who offers this type of treatment to learn more about why it can be better than braces.