If you're someone who enjoys drinking warm beverages, especially during the cooler months of the year, it may be tempting to reach for a cup of coffee or a mug of black tea. While there can be advantages of enjoying these beverages — the energy boost from their caffeine, for example — they can also have detrimental effects on your teeth. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a coffee or a tea from time to time, but it's ideal if you don't make these drinks a daily occurrence. One hot drink that you can enjoy, however, is herbal tea. Here are some reasons that it's a better option for your teeth.

It's Not As Staining

Coffee and black tea are both very dark, which means that they're notorious for staining your teeth. Stained teeth aren't a major concern from a health perspective, but many people find stained smiles to be unappealing. In fact, you may develop such stained teeth from regularly drinking coffee or black tea that you're tentative to smile widely. Herbal tea isn't nearly as dark, so it won't leave you with the same staining issues as the above beverage choices.

It Won't Cause Tooth Grinding

People grind their teeth for a multitude of reasons, but some people adopt this habit when they've had too much caffeine. The jittery and nervous feeling that can occasionally come with caffeine consumption may make you grind or clatter your teeth together, both of which can be concerning for their health. Grinding can wear down the surface enamel of the teeth, while clattering them together can possibly cause chipping — and lead to the need for procedures such as dental bonding. Herbal tea doesn't typically contain caffeine, so it's unlikely to lead to the side effects that its caffeinated counterparts — coffee and black tea — can result in.

It May Curb Your Sweet Cravings

Many herbal teas have fruity tastes, and while they aren't necessarily sweet beverages, they may satisfy your cravings for something sweet. This can be a good thing for your teeth. When you crave something sugary, you might drink soda or eat sweets, and the result can be an increased risk of cavities. If you enjoy the mild sweetness of herbal tea to the extent that you don't crave something sweeter, you'll be doing your smile a favor. Herbal tea is available in a variety of flavors, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a type that will appeal to you.

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