There are going to be some situations when you need to rely on sedation practices when seeing a dentist. Here are a few of those times when sedation would be appropriate for stress-free dental services you can feel good about. 

Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Some people have really sensitive teeth and thus are going to feel a lot more when dental procedures are done. If you fall into this category, then it might be best to see a sedation dentist who can give you a moderate level of sedation to ensure you don't feel any pain.

Whether you're having your teeth cleaned or resins are being bonded to a tooth, sedation is going to keep you from dealing with any type of pain and that makes these procedures much easier to sit through. Then your dentist can do what they need to without any issues getting in the way.

You Have an Overactive Gag Reflex

In order for a dentist to inspect and work on your teeth, they're going to have to open your mouth and use instruments inside it. They can trigger your gag reflex. If this happens a lot, then you may need to ask for sedation from your dentist.

This is going to help relax your nerves and your body so that gagging won't be as probable. You can instead remain comfortable and not feel like you're choking every time your dentist sticks an instrument in your mouth to inspect or repair teeth.

The Dental Work Will Take a Few Hours

There are some dental procedures that are pretty extensive and thus will take more than a few hours to complete from start to finish. If you're having this type of work done — such as dental implants or an extraction — then you probably will need to utilize sedation dentistry.

A dentist can give you the right level of sedation depending on the specific procedure you're having done, and thus make it a lot easier to sit through this entire procedure without feeling pain or discomfort. You'll also have peace of mind going into this procedure because you know your body isn't going to feel everything that the dentist does.

If you come up against dental situations that might cause you pain or a lot of anxiety, sedation dentistry is available. You'll be given a certain amount of sedation and thus have an easier time getting through a dental procedure.