When you visit a dentist and learn that you have a cavity, the dentist will most likely recommend fixing the problem with a tooth filling. A tooth filling is typically completed in one visit, and it involves the dentist removing the decay and then filling the hole with a composite resin material. If your cavity is somewhat large, the dentist might recommend using an indirect filling, and there are several things to know about indirect fillings:

What is an indirect filling?

A regular filling is filled right on the spot, while an indirect filling is something that requires two visits. With an indirect filling, a dentist removes the cavity during the first appointment and then measures the filling and tooth with impressions and molds. The dentist then places a temporary filling in the hole. After that, the dentist sends the impressions to a lab and they make the filling for the tooth.

At the second appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary filling and put in the indirect, permanent filling.

Why would this be necessary?

The reason dentists use indirect fillings is to fix teeth with large cavities. If a cavity covers a large part of the tooth's surface, a regular filling might not be good enough. It might not hold in place, and it might fall out very quickly. If the cavity is very large, using an indirect filling offers a more secure method for fixing the cavity.

There are also times when even an indirect filling is not good enough. In cases like this, dentists will make dental crowns to place over teeth. An indirect filling is only used when the cavity is larger than what a normal filling could fill but smaller than when a dental crown is needed.

What are the benefits of getting an indirect filling over a regular one?

If you have a cavity on a tooth, the only way to fix it is by removing it and filling it in some way. If your dentist recommends an indirect filling, it is probably because he or she knows that a regular one simply will not be sufficient. The good news is that an indirect filling is very durable and strong. It will last a very long time, and it most likely will never fall out or come loose.

Getting cavities filled is important if you want to protect your teeth and keep them strong and healthy. To learn more, contact a dental clinic today. Check out a website like http://www.newimagedental.com for more information and assistance.