Although you may have started out your adult years with straight, white teeth, your current situation could be much different. Things like drinking coffee, tooth grinding and the harsh chemicals contained in some foods can eventually cause your teeth to become discolored, chipped and even lessen the amount of enamel on each tooth. Because your smile is such an integral part of who you are, it's vital for you to take the steps necessary to fix the situation. Dental veneers are an incredible solution that can deliver the smile that you've been looking for. Find out why dental veneers may be the answer that you seek:

Veneers Can Change The Proportions Of Your Teeth

If you've always been a bit embarrassed because you feel like your adult teeth more closely resemble the baby version; you should take heart. Dental veneers can actually change the dimensions of your teeth so that they look more like the standard, adult size that is considered the norm.

For some people, having small teeth can be just as disheartening as having excessive gaps or even missing teeth. When your teeth are excessively small they can make your gums look much bigger than they actually are. Because teeth don't tend to grow once they are fully formed, it would seem that there's nothing you can do.

The reality is that you don't have to live with small teeth. A cosmetic dentist has the ability to lengthen your teeth so that they balance out your mouth. After you have the procedure, you might be shocked to look in the mirror and see that you finally have the smile of your dreams.

Porcelain Veneers Look Just Like The Real Thing

If you knew just how many people in your everyday life have possibly had porcelain veneers affixed over their teeth it would probably amaze you. Porcelain veneers look so much like the real thing that even a person with the keenest eye would have a hard time being able to tell that someone actually has undergone the procedure. Unlike the composite material that used to look too white to be real, porcelain bears a close resemblance to the natural shade of real teeth. 

Getting dental veneers could open up a fresh chapter and give you a new lease on life. There are so many payment options available to make dental veneers an option for nearly everyone who wants them. Contact a cosmetic dentistry office near you for more information and assistance.