Individuals who have experienced dental decay or an injury to a tooth may need to have one or more dental implants installed to repair the damage. A cosmetic dentist can fit you for these implants, which are a modern alternative to dentures. A dental implant is permanent and looks and feels like a natural tooth. There are numerous reasons to consider dental implants, including the following: 

Keep Your Teeth in Their Proper Places

Having a tooth extracted leaves a gap behind in the gumline, and if this gap isn't filled, the remaining teeth may shift to fill the empty area. Adding one or more dental implants after teeth are extracted will help keep all of your teeth in their correct locations. This helps maintain a natural, healthy smile so that you can look your best. You won't have to worry about correcting additional damage caused by your teeth shifting over time. Instead, you can enjoy a healthy smile with all of your teeth precisely where they belong. 

Maintain Jawbone Structure

After teeth are removed, decay, or experience damage, the jawbone can experience serious issues. The bones of the jaw can degrade along with one's teeth, and missing teeth can lead to the jawbone shrinking and atrophying over time. Having dental implants installed to replace each damaged or missing tooth will help maintain the full structure of the jawbone, keeping it in its healthy, natural shape. This, in turn, will help you maintain your facial structure. 

Enjoy a More Comfortable Alternative to Dentures

In the past, dentures were used to replace missing teeth. However, they can be uncomfortable and difficult to get used to. It's common for people to have issues with their dentures slipping inside their mouth, especially when chewing, singing, or talking. Dental implants can be a dramatically more comfortable alternative to dentures, as they behave more like a natural tooth. Once they're installed, they do not move or slip, and there's no discomfort. This makes them an excellent way to replace missing or damaged teeth, without worrying about potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. 

If you've experienced a dental injury, tooth decay, or tooth loss, it can be tempting to avoid having your teeth repaired due to anxiety about the situation. However, dental implants are a great way to keep your mouth healthy, restore your smile, and help you regain your self-confidence. Contact a local cosmetic dentist to learn more about dental implants and if they're right for your specific situation.