If you're thinking of getting dentures because you've lost teeth, or you have several bad teeth and pulling your teeth is the best option for you, then consider getting implants for your dentures. Dental implants make wearing dentures easier and more convenient because implants eliminate many of the problems associated with wearing traditional dentures. Here's a look at why you might want implants for your dentures.

Implants Secure The Dentures To Your Bone

You should understand how implants work to appreciate why they are so much better than traditional dentures. Implants are small rods the dentist screws in your jaw bone. The dentures then attach to the rods so problems with slipping and falling out are completely eliminated.

Traditional dentures rest on your gums. This contact with your gums leads to soreness and slipping. You may need to hold the dentures in place with denture adhesive, and even then, you might not be able to eat certain foods, or your dentures might get pulled loose.

Fixed Implant Dentures Stay In All The Time

When you have traditional dentures, you have to remove them at night and soak them in water so they don't dry out and warp. You even need to take the dentures out when you brush. If you opt for snap-on implant dentures, you can remove them yourself and clean them in the same way as regular dentures.

However, fixed implant dentures stay in your mouth all the time so you brush and clean your mouth like you would your real teeth. If you hate the thought of wearing dentures, then you might like fixed implants best because they're the closest thing to having natural teeth again.

Implants Help You Stay Healthy

Dental implants help your mouth stay healthier by stimulating your bone every time you chew. This prevents bone loss around your teeth so your face maintains its youthful appearance rather than sinking in around your mouth.

Implants can even help your overall general health by making it easier to eat a wide variety of foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables. By eating a varied diet as you age, you can get all the nutrients you need to stay stronger and healthier in your senior years.

Dental implants can even help your emotional and mental health by removing self-conscious feelings about wearing dentures and having fears of them coming out when you're socializing. Dental implants anchor your dentures securely, so you never have to avoid social situations for fear of your teeth coming loose when you eat or embarrassment due to slipping and whistling while you talk.