Wearing a gorgeous, confident smile can open doors to opportunities you never thought existed. But having flaked, stained, and uneven teeth makes you insecure. Fortunately, if you're battling many teeth-related problems that upset your superb smile, you can undertake a smile makeover procedure.

A smile makeover helps patients with multiple dental issues that affect how they relate with others. When you work with a skilled smile makeover specialist, you can fix minor and major cosmetic dental issues. Even if your dental health isn't striking, a smile makeover restores your mouth's functionality and general oral health.

The following are questions to ask when you attend a smile makeover procedure consultation.

Do You Qualify for a Smile Makeover?

Undertaking a smile makeover procedure helps to restore your smile cosmetically. But you must ask your dentist to ascertain whether you're a fit candidate for the procedure. If there are underlying dental health issues, your smile makeover specialist will recommend general oral treatment before the procedure. Your smile makeover needs are unique. If you require more preparation compared to another patient, your specialist can tailor a makeover procedure that suits your situation.

What Issues Will a Smile Makeover Correct?

The progression of dental technology enables the modern dentist to fix any dental health issue. A smile makeover procedure is an ideal approach for different teeth defects. It's possible to treat misaligned, fractured, lost, decayed, or chipped teeth. The extent of the damage is no longer an issue since the procedure can restore your smile using a multifaceted dental approach.

What Is the Process Like?

Your cosmetic needs determine the procedures that a makeover specialist undertakes. If you have chipped or missing teeth, the specialist and recommend bridges, dental implants, or crowns. If you have uneven teeth or cross bite issues, the makeover procedure may require different types of tooth restorations. If your teeth are stained or you have minor chipping, teeth whitening and filling will suffice.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

When you engage a smile makeover dentist, it's advisable to discuss the time it takes to perform the procedure. The dentist assesses your dental issues to estimate the time it takes to complete the makeover successfully. The dental issues that need fixing and the dentist's skills determine the number of visits you'll make to ensure a successful outcome.

When Will You See Results?

When discussing the time it takes to perform a smile makeover procedure, ask the dentist to confirm the time you'll need to see actual results. If you require teeth whitening, you can expect quick results. If you require braces, it might take longer to realize visible results.